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At the beginning it was just a stone quarrya concrete example of the transformation of an abandoned industrial site

 In the valley of Terni, between the mountains and the Nera river, since medieval times there were various quarries for stone and natural minerals. Excavating the land, an underground water vein emerged, forming several small natural lakes. After the recovery of the habitat which took several years (the project was started by a cooperative of young people in the late 80's), one of this lakes was transformed into a park with different activities.

This is how "the sea of Terni" was born.

In honour of a man

who fought and died in the name of justice 

The Brazilian union leader Chico Mendes was murdered because he wanted to defend the Amazon and its people from environmental destruction and industrial profit.In an abandoned quarry we created a natural oasis demonstrating the possibility to conciliate the natural resources and the economic aspects in perfect harmony. Therefore we wanted to dedicate to Chico Mendes and his civil courage our modest enterprise.

Between sky and water  

In the city of St. Valentine, in the green Umbria region, among the mountains of the valley of Terni and the Nera river, there is a wide park built around an artificial lake fed by underground water veins. Along its shores coots, herons and sometimes swans nest.A natural oasis between sky and water covering an area of about 200,000 square meters. This oasis offers many different activities: an area dedicated to swimming and sunbathing, several swimming pools, playground, fitness area, discotheques, spaces for live entertainment and a restaurant. A lot of activities for adults and children, many green spaces to relax. The park is part of a vast area rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage: the Marmore falls, the beautiful Valnerina, Piediluco lake, Val di Serra, the medieval villages of Narni and San Gemini, the ancient Roman cities of Carsulae and Ocricolum.